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What if your horse could actually love training?

I believe training can & should be fun for both horse & human. I help passionate humans train their horses with positive reinforcement. Redefine your relationship!

We will look at the communication and connection between you two and start with building a common language using reward based training techniques. 

Once we got this, the sky is the limit! Are you dreaming of stress-free veterinary visits or fun hacks outside? Picture an eager and cooperative horse, exuding both confidence and relaxation, all the while relying on positive and refined communication. 

My focus is on two sided communication, providing choice and control for your horse resulting in fun and relaxed interactions for both parties. On top of building that common language my specialty lies in husbandry and cooperative care. 

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"You're very personalized and involved, you notice details I might overlook, you have a whole database of exercises, theory that you can easily work into training and you do everything without ever giving the feeling that what I say or do wouldn't be good enough!"

Explore two ways to work with me

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In 2022 I launched an academy together with my colleague Angelica Hesselius. Here we teach you how to build a strong foundation with your horse with reward based training. With online courses, a membership and other resources. Check it out here

Personal Coaching

I teach people all over the world how to train their horses with positive reinforcement. We work with video feedback or zoom calls. If you are close to Nijmegen, the Netherlands, we could also do real life sessions. Check out more below

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Personal Coaching info

I offer personal online coaching to people all over the world. If you happen to live nearby (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) I do some stable visits as well. Please contact me for more info on those. 


For whom

Whether you are new to reward based training techniques, ready to invest in a good foundation or seeking assistance with a specific project, I am here for you. Advanced or professional trainers looking for an extra set of eyes or a sparring partner for training plans are welcome to reach out as well.

Shared among my students is a commitment to their horses' well-being and a strong emphasis on fostering a strong relationship. They are open to trying new things and enjoy the process of both learning and teaching. 

In my coaching I like to keep in mind that my students are learners too and positive reinforcement makes learning enjoyable. Forget traditional riding instructors, I try to focus on the things that go well and set you up for success, ensuring both you and your horse can feel good about the learning journey. 

Online Coaching Process

There are three ways I work with my clients. 

  1. We use zoom calls to discuss your training(plans) and/or watch videos you made of your training. Duration 1 hour.

  2. We do a zoom lesson where you train your horse in front of the camera, you wear headphones and I can comment immediately. Similar to a live lesson. Duration: 45 minutes

  3. You send in a training video, I watch it on my own and record a voice-over over your video, so it's very easy to see what I am talking about and how to proceed. Video length: max 15 min. 

I believe the collaboration works most effectively when both parties are committed and maintain open lines of communication. Between our sessions, I encourage clients to maintain training logs. I'm here to provide support, so feel free to keep me updated on your training progress and any questions you may have. This way, we can make adjustments to the plan as needed.


"I can really recommend Do's video feedback. She takes analyzing your video seriously and gives extended feedback. It's clear and structured and you walk away with tools to implement right away."


What people say

"Coaching from Do is like a personal Google for training. If you have a question, you can be sure she has different types of solutions and she will try to find one that fits you."


Intake: free of charge

The process typically begins with a brief email exchange to arrange an intake session. Following the completion of an intake form, we meet over Zoom to discuss your goals, address any questions you may have about me or my coaching, and explore how I can assist you. This intake session, lasting approximately 30 minutes, is free of charge and comes with no obligation. Its purpose is for both of us to determine if we are a good fit and if we would like to start working together.

Coaching package (valid for 3 months)

5x zoom lesson: €250,- or 5x video feedback: €200,-

If you're new to this way of working or to my coaching, both you and your horse will get the most out of it by committing to a couple of lessons. This way we can be more effective and make some real change. You chose what way of working suits your needs and learning style best and pick a package. In between lessons I will be available for questions via email. I encourage my students to keep me up to date, so if there are any hiccups we can promptly adjust our plan. 

Monthly package: €200,-

4x lessons (zoom or videofeedback) and up to 5 short update videos per week

For those who are committed to make progress or want support to tackle a training project. We will do it together. I will assist you all the way. You chose if you want zoom lessons or videofeedback. In between lessons you can send me short video updates so we stay on track. We will have our own virtual environment where we can keep tabs of the training (Notion). You keep training logs and we communicate frequently (via email, whatsapp or Notion).

Single zoom lesson: €60,- 
Single videofeedback: €45,- (only for current or former clients)

As said above I believe to be effective it's best to commit to a longer working relationship together. That being said, you might first just want to try out if this is for you. Or maybe you have had lessons in the past and just want a quick counseling session to get you back on track. Or maybe you are an experienced trainer/instructor and just want some extra eyes, or an extra opinion on a certain subject. Feel free to contact me for a single lesson.  

Training Approach

If you first want to get an idea of what my training looks like and who I am, my instagram page is a good place to start.

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