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I'm dedicated to helping horses thrive in a human environment, and assisting humans in building a great connection with their horse through reward based training techniques

Two types of services

To this end I offer two kind of services. I help with reward based training (specializing in building a two way communication and training for husbandry & cooperative care). I also offer assistance with behavioral issues you might encounter with your horse. Check the subsequent pages to find out more.

My focus is in restoring or improving the communication and connection between horse & human. I want to bring back the fun and relaxation in all interactions for both you and your horse. 

Horse first

Both in my work with behavioral issues as well as in my training services the horse's welfare is always first and foremost. To ensure the horse's welfare we will look to the latest scientific knowledge and make decisions based on learning theory, behavioral analysis, equine behavior and ethology. I'm also happy to consult with veterinarians and my colleagues to provide the best possible help. 



"Having help reaching my goals really made me excited to go out and work with my horses and the changes I've seen in them make me unbelievably thrilled for what's down the line for the three of us"

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