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Do (she/her) is a Dutch reward based horse trainer and equine behavior coach with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. She has a background in communication sciences and takes great satisfaction in breaking down information and presenting it in a digestible way. Her main focus is on improving communication between the horse and the rider, creating happy independent learners that love training and interacting together. 

Both in her own training and in her teaching she focuses on active participation, giving her learners choice and control over the process. This holds true for all training and interactions but is especially essential in her husbandry training, achieving better and easier care procedures with a cooperative horse. She teaches online with students from all over the world.

Do is a Fear Free Pet Professional and currently working towards certification by the IAABC as well as pursuing a diploma in Equine Behavior Science & Technology. Committed to lifelong learning she is always updating her knowledge by participating in relevant courses, attending conferences, reading up on the latest knowledge and developments in the field and engaging in discussions with colleagues. 

In 2022 she launched the Reward Based Horse Academy, together with colleague Angelica Hesselius. With online courses, membership and coaching they teach students how to build a solid foundation with reward based training techniques. 



"I really like the warmth and positivity in Do's coaching, it's easy to share everything without feeling bad about mistakes or doubts you might be having. She offers many insights and helps you in a structured way."

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I have spread some reviews about me and my work throughout the website. On the training page I have added some more in a review carrousel. Check it out here

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I share knowledge about reward based horse training, debunk myths, share how to video's and explain theory behind the practice. Good place to start learning and get to know me and my approach a bit better. 

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