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"The horse is not giving you a hard time, they're having a hard time"

While this holds undeniable truth, I know it can also be very difficult for us humans to navigate behavioral problems with our horses. It can lead to a lot of frustration and a sense of helplessness.

We all want what's best for our horses. Keep in mind there is always a reason behind the horse's behavior. I can help you get to the bottom of it. The science of equine behavior, ethology and behavior analysis are our cornerstone. I will keep an holistic view and look at the horse in their entire environment. I will be in your horse's corner and help you all the way. 

In behavior consults that means making sure the horse's needs are met, looking at the Five Domains and offering enrichment and choice & control where we can. I am aware nobody lives in a perfect world, but often times we can make some adjustments that can go a long way. In my experience changes to management are often followed up by the implementation of a training plan.


I'm committed to helping facilitate happy horses & happy humans, who feel safe in their environment and enjoy being in each others company. 

Common behavior problems

  • Fear/ Anxiety (generalized or about specific things (needles, trailer, clipping etc).

  • Stereotypies (weaving, cribbing, self mutilation etc)

  • Aggressive behaviors (kicking, biting, resource guarding etc)

  • Ridden problems (bolting, bucking, spookiness, not standing to mount etc)

  • Handling (difficult to catch, lead or handle, head shyness, feet handling etc)

  • Management (problems in stable or field)

It can be hard to forget that our beloved horses were once a wild species, roaming the earth. Considering this, it's not difficult to envision the various challenges horses might face in a world crafted by humans. While we can remove the horse from its natural habitat, we cannot eliminate the inherent nature of the horse. However we can give veterinary care, make management adjustments, change our expectations and implement training programs to help the horse thrive in our human world. 

Process & Prices

It usually starts with short email contact, followed up by a -large- intake form. Preferably I will talk to your vet to start things off. I will either come by to visit your horse or we'll do a virtual consult with videos. I will then write you a report with recommendations, provide you with the necessary knowledge and we might supplement the consult with some training advice. We can do updates with another visit or via zoom if needed. I will consult with colleagues, vets or veterinary behaviorists when needed.

In my ​experience the first consult takes the longest, as we really need to work as behavior detectives, often looking at every aspect of the horse's life. More often than not, we need to test our hypothesis, rule out certain things to get our much needed answers. With complex behavior problems, there might be multiple things we need to tackle at once. Usually this will involve management adjustments where possible, and often this is followed up by training plans and implementation. It will ask a certain commitment from the horse owner to follow through on the process. There aren't always quick fixes available.

More info? Not sure if your problem is something I work with? Just contact me. 

Initial consult: €85,-

  • short email contact

  • assessing intake form

  • watching supplievideos

  • talking to the veterinarian

  • either visiting the horse having a real life consult (1h-2,5h) or having a virtual consult on zoom (watch and discuss requested videos). 

  • writing report and recommendations

  • providing additional learning resources 

Initial consult + 2 follow up sessions: €165,-

  • after the initial consult we have two follow up sessions to discuss progress on the behavior and possible further measures to take

  • we can also use these sessions to discuss training plans, training videos or training together (either in real life or via zoom)

  • additional support via text/email

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